Open-Air Events and Concerts


Culture at the Fischingen Monastery

The Fischingen monastery has been a centre of culture ever since. Year after…

Pfäffikon ZH

Chesselhuus Pfäffikon

Huber & Suhner's former boiler building has been rebuilt into the so-called…


SwissJazzOrama - the Swiss jazz archive in Uster

We collect and archive sound carriers, pictures, music sheets, literature,…

Wald ZH

Wald culture work group

Wald's culture work group promotes lively cultural activities in Wald.…


SET THE TONE - Zurich Oberland's top classic

The artistic director, Mr Werner Bärtschi, succeeds time and again to bring…


Pile Dwellers - 10 Years of World Cultural Heritage

Jakob Messikommer (1828 - 1917) from Wetzikon searched the peat for traces…

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