Mountain Restaurants


Rosinli Mountain Restaurant

Enjoy the legendary view over Wetzikon, the Pfannenstiel mountain, the Glarus…

Goldingen Atzmännig

Atzmännig Harz Mountain Restaurant

The cosy Atzmännig Harz mountain restaurant is only five minutes from the top…

Goldingen Atzmännig

Brustenegg Hut

The completely newly built Brustenegg Hut entirely made out of antique wood…

Steg ZH

Hulftegg Guesthouse

Enjoy a gorgeous view of the Toggenburg and Appenzellerland and stay where…

Steg ZH

Hörnli Mountain Restaurant

Different ascents from Bauma, Steg, Sternenberg, Fischingen, and Hulftegg lead…


Sennhütte Mountain Guesthouse

The Sennhütte mountain guesthouse is located at Strahlegg, below the Schnebelhorn,…


Schnurrberg Alpine Restaurant

Experience catering in a family atmosphere and relax surrounded by the clanging…

Wald ZH

Alp Scheidegg Restaurant

Enjoy the breathtaking panorama at Alp Scheidegg, the highest restaurant of…

Wald ZH

Farner Alp Mountain Restaurant

A local recreational area far from traffic and fog with a breathtaking…

Wald ZH

Poo Alp Mountain Restaurant

The idyllically located Poo-Alp mountain restaurant with a view of Lake Zurich…

Goldingen Atzmännig

Hüttenberg Alpine Restaurant

Our Alpine restaurant is located at 1058 meters above sea level. Its sun terrace…

Chrüzegg Mountain Restaurant

The Manser family has run this traditional uniquely beautiful family business…


Bachtel Kulm Restaurant

The most beautiful viewpoint of the Zurich Oberland. Our observation tower…



Heubode is a cosy restaurant with rustic charm in a green setting located on a farm.

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