Wagen und Pot
A ProSpecieRara show farm for endangered farm animal breeds in an idyllic setting above the village of Ermenswil located directly at the hiking trail.

What we offer

  • Individual group activities for young and old
  • Culinary options for up to 35 people
  • Farm shop with specialities from the good old days
  • Various events according to our home page
  • Catering
  • Customer sawmill


A traditional agricultural business which has been awarded by ProSpecieRara as Archehof in 2014. The Archehof has been a show farm for endangered farm animals ever since and operates conservation breeding of various almost forgotten species with a lot of enthusiasm. On an operating area of 18 hectares, more than 100 animals are held depending on the season. A large part of the animals may be observed by visitors of the farm on the pastures around the farm area. The products deriving from livestock breeding are directly offered to the clients at the farm shop, at various markets or during events.

Animals living on the farm

  • Rätisches grauvieh
  • Mangalica
  • Skudde
  • Engadine sheep
  • Appenzell goat
  • Peacock goat
  • Pomeranian duck
  • Diepholz goose
  • Different kinds of chicken
  • Dark bee
  • and many more
Oberegg 4
8734 Ermenswil
Tel +41 52 282 17 06
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