Garden Events

Enjoy your party under the open sky at the oasis of the Garden Events plant park.

Desert tunnel

Whether it is a company or group event, a birthday or wedding, you will find the perfect spot to meet or celebrate at Garden Events. The spacious green house will be dry and green in all weathers. Shady maple trees grow right next to it and will give your party a unique atmosphere on sunny days (maximum of 120 people in the tunnel).

Pond at the pump house

A small hut at the pond with a sitting area and barbecue is located next to a shady park - a snug location for parties leaving no wish unfulfilled (maximum of 10 people in the house, 70 people in the park).

Guided tours

Garden Events by Kunzbaumschulen Ltd. offers interested groups a guided tour through the 16 hectares of the tree nursery. Find out more about the regional production of shrubs, valuable compost as well as the handling of water cycles and soils. Our certified event manager will plan and organize your event upon request.
Garden Events
by Kunzbaumschulen AG
Gschwaderstrasse 75
8610 Uster

+41 79 674 95 19
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