Excursion Guide

Follow the nine guidelines and you will soon be mistaken for a true Zurich Oberlander.
With a wink of an eye, let us introduce you into the unwritten laws. Follow our nine guidelines and you will soon be mistaken for a true Zurich Oberland native.

«Grüezi» and a friendly face open doors and the quick smile back will make your excursion all the more enjoyable. 

The Zurich Oberland offers more than 1,100 km of hiking trails. When entering high grass and fields you will destroy important food resources for humans and animals while the forests are supposed to be a protected shelter for wildlife. Famers and animals will be grateful if you stick to the marked trails.

Hikers and bikers share the same trails in the Zurich Oberland. Please respect the official code of honour. A bell attached to your mountain bike makes yourself noticed early enough. Reduce your speed or step aside and enjoy recreation at the Zurich Oberland together

Animals feel most comfortable if you keep a distance and put your dog on a leash when crossing meadows. This will keep you safe. Remember that mother cows protect their calves. And leave feeding to the farmers because they know what's best for their animals. 

Take everything you brought along back home. Waste in meadows endangers animals and doesn't look pretty. This also means “use the advantages of civilisation“: human faeces in the wild favour the spread of animal diseases. If necessary, dig a hole which promotes decomposition and prevents unattractive sights. Please ask the hosts for permission before using their sanitary facilities at restaurants or museums.

Adapt your equipment to the conditions of the trails and according to the weather. Sturdy shoes, weather protection and appropriate maps are a precondition for a stress-free excursion. Zurich Oberland Tourism will be happy to help you plan your trip.

You will find many fireplaces along the hiking trails. Use already existing fireplaces for your well-deserved picnic to protect nature. And take your waste back - also compost - for the same reason. 

Use official parking areas, as for example the ones offered by TCS. They are provided for day trippers: no parking fines and no towing to worry about and access for farmers and forestry workers is still guaranteed. Most places can be easily reached by public transport. Find the shortest route on www.zvv.ch.

Leave ripe fruit on the trees and berries and wood in the forest. Bear in mind that owners live on the harvest. Get the specialities legally in the farmer's shops and at local dealers and support local producers.

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