Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing

Yearning for tranquillity and regeneration? Would you like to look at the daily worries and tasks from a more relaxed perspective?

Shinrin Yoku - mindful immersion in a forest atmosphere

Forest bathing enhances and restores the connection between man and nature. In our digital and fast world, we tend to forget where we originally come from – from the forest and nature. They are our home!

Music and sounds have the power to calm and relax people. The Solfeggio frequency of 432 Hz is said to lower the heart rate and blood pressure and reduce fears. It is known as the so-called healing frequency.

Sounds at the Solfeggio frequency of 432 Hz will accompany you during our Shinrin Yoku / forest bathing sessions in the middle of nature.


anima naturalis
Stefanie Mattenberger
Stapfetenstrasse 7
8345 Adetswil

Tel. +41 79 771 48 30

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