Grüningen Castle Ice Rink

The castle ice rink starts the new season on 19 November 2022. Spin around on the ice in a unique ambience in the Grüningen castle courtyard.

On your blades in the castle courtyard

Twirl around surrounded by the historic setting of the castle with a view of the mountains and the countryside nearby. Warm up with a glass of mulled wine in the cosy castle bar. A barbecue, outdoor fondue and raclette ensure a unique experience for young and old.

With a view of the castle and the mountains

While school classes enjoy themselves on the ice in the morning, everybody else is welcome to skate in front of the historic setting of Grüningen Castle in the afternoon. Animal skating aids to hold on to are available for children and for those who feel on shaky ground. 

The fire bowls create a truly romantic atmosphere on the castle ice rink at dusk when the trees and the castle are illuminated and you can see the lights of the surrounding communities while spinning on the ice. 

The castle bar not only offers light snacks, hot ice rink chocolate or ice rink coffee, in the evening you can sit at the bar, snug on cosy furs and enjoy fondue, raclette or a tasty soup along with wine or beer from the area.

Please refer to and Facebook for the opening hours of the castle ice rink and more detailed information.

Opening hours

Please click here for the opening hours.

Schlosseisbahn Grüningen
Hofacher 12
8627 Grüningen
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