Moped Tours at Atzmännig Mountain, Valley of Goldingen

Easy rider for a day? Off you go to Atzmännig Mountain to discover the wild and romantic Valley of Goldingen on a moped.

Individual or guided tours

Mopeds can be rented from Atzmännig Sportbahnen. You can either set off on your own, follow individual tour tips or book a guide, who plans according to your preferences. What do you prefer? A trip to the trout pond where you can catch your own fish, an evening tour, a tour with a view or a gourmet tour where you can sample many culinary delights along the way? The options are endless!

New: Moped Gourmet Tour

Enjoy culinary highlights from the Valley of Goldingen on your moped tour. You will visit a cheese dairy, taste a Galloway sausage, enjoy white wine soup with trout from the area and get ice cream from the farm at the end. Please book your gourmet tour here.
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