Action Painting for Company and Team Events

Teamevents Auswärts
In action painting, various colours are applied experimentally in drop or spray form to exclusive 3D canvases using body movement.

Unique feel-good experience with colours

Marvellous, abstract colour compositions emerge from joint creative work. The results are works of art or single picture details as decorations for company or private rooms. Be it during a creative break at a company event or the ensuing pizza or raclette buffet, high spirits are guaranteed in this unique ambience of the spacious gallery (230 square metres) for art and events. We are happy to adapt to your wishes.

What we offer

  • company / team events
  • now also possible at your premises
  • children's birthday with action painting box
  • Christmas workshop and open days for creative presents


Berger Galerie für Kunst und Events
Hinwilerstrasse 40
8623 Wetzikon
Tel +41 (0)44 930 33 20
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