Haus zum Lichtmirakel - Light Miracle House

Accommodation and art classes at an amazing creative centre in Sternenberg! 

Stay over at the light miracle house

Mud-plastered penthouse sleeps up to 10. 
For course participants, those in need of a timeout, holiday makers, families or flat-mates. Separate entry through the barn, eat-in kitchen and free view of nature.

Guest rooms with two beds each.

For course participants, those in need of a timeout, holiday makers, families, friends and lovers. Dogs are allowed.

Self-supply or half-board.

Creative classes

Be creative at the light miracle house:
Haus zum Lichtmirakel
Christoph Käsermann
Lettenbodenstrasse 9
8499 Sternenberg
Tel. +41 79 649 88 19
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