Cultural Detectives

Join the cultural detectives on a search for clues and immerse yourself in times gone by.

Search for clues in Wetzikon

Did you know that the first car drivers had to buy petrol at the pharmacy, that Wetzikon is home to one of the most important Protestant church buildings, that the Hirschen innkeeper was also a postmaster, that playing hooky relates to Wetzikon or why Heinrich Schliemann, the discoverer of Troja, had once visited Wetzikon?

The committed and technically qualified cultural detective Claudia Fischer-Karrer invites you on a journey of discovery. A delicious meal will round off the event.

Cultural-historical guided tour at Gyrenbad

Gyrenbad was one of six spas around Bachtel Mountain. The carefully renovated facility is a reminder of the time when it was an important health centre and when famous visitors and personalities like Heinrich Bullinger or Katja Mann stopped by.
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