Indian Land Museum

Interesting and significant aspects about North American Indians, their reasoning and acting.

The museum

An Indian with a feather headdress galloping through the prairie on his horse. Today we know that this image by no means does justice to the diverse cultures of North America. The INDIAN LAND museum is committed to preserve with its collection the material culture of North American Indians and Indian reasoning and acting and to transmit it to interested visitors. It displays objects from different areas and aspects of life of the various tribes. In addition and as far as possible from today's perspective, it attempts to convey the relevant understanding in lectures and workshops.


Guided tours for groups and schools upon request.
Group size: up to 25 persons.

Indian Land Museum
Vincent Escriba
Im Zentrum 1
8625 Gossau ZH
Tel. +41 44 935 26 74
Tel. +41 79 328 01 59
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