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The Zurich Oberland includes the Zurich districts of Uster, Hinwil, Pfäffikon and the Middle Töss Valley, which is part of the district of Winterthur.
The area is adjacent to the Zurich and Winterthur agglomerations and is easily accessible either individually or by public transport.


The area around Lake Greifensee and Lake Pfäffikon is flat or slightly undulating, often characterized by protected moorlands and drumlins. Further east are the mountains of the Zurich Oberland: Bachtel Mountain (1115 meters above sea level) in the first range of hills, Schnebelhorn Mountain (1292 meters above sea level) and Hörnli Mountain (1133 meters above sea level) a bit further back on the border to the Canton of St. Gallen.

Enjoy the magnificent panorama of the Alps, Lake Zurich and the Zurich Unterland as far as Lake Constance and Säntis mountain from these excursion points that are popular with hikers and bikers.


The Zurich Oberland used to be ruled by Kyburg castle. Hikers repeatedly come across old castle ruins. The industrialisation has had a lasting influence right up to the present day: the Zurich Oberland was once considered the textile centre of Europe  - the former factory buildings still lend their charm today, making it no surprise that the most comprehensive industrial ensemble can be found here, as well as the oldest steam-powered passenger ship in Switzerland.
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